DRONEBOX is a pre-deployable, fully autonomous UAV system for routine inspections in the field, typically in remote areas.

What does DRONEBOX cost?

The cost is highly dependent on your needs and complexity of the application. Please email taras@h3dynamics.com or jake@hus.sg to request for more information.

Can you provide continuous drone flights?

DRONEBOX can support applications that offer multiple flights per day. For more information please contact jake@hus.sg

How long does DRONEBOX last in the field?

DRONEBOX is able to last a year in the field with off-grid power.

Is DRONEBOX able to work with all drone models?

At the moment, DRONEBOX only works with H3D drones. In the future, DRONEBOX will be drone agnostic.

Will I be able to customise DRONEBOX?

DRONEBOX is meant to be a turnkey solution. Please email jake@hus.sg or taras@h3dynamics for enquiries on custom solutions.

Where is the data stored? How long do we have access to the data?

We store video and image data in our cloud server. Additionally, you have the option to store it locally on your network. Whatever your preference, you’ll have access to your data.

What is Skywatch? How do we program missions?

Skywatch is a DRONEBOX management and flight path planning application for setting missions. Also, you are able to plan missions by plotting drone way-points.

Are there any built-in safety mechanisms?

H3D drones are built with geo-fenced flight restrictions as well a manual flight mode, which allows your pilot to take over drone flight in case of an emergency.