DRONEBOX is able to optimise images captured by the H3 Dynamics drone to enhance construction projects in the world. The data collected will be processed over the cloud and provide insightful analysis to help users with their data-driven decisions. Using the Skywatch application, users will be able to perform smart calculations on a secure interface for better decision making. With our photogrammetry computing engine, we are capable of rapid 3D models for analysis within hours.


Enhance your crop monitoring process with DRONEBOX to capture high resolution images of your fields. Analyse post-image captures with our NDVI application to identify areas of crop need and yield. Our cloud image processing technology will transform raw images into an ‘orthomosaic’ mesh for better visualisation


DRONEBOX is particularly suitable for security applications, rapid response missions, enabling support for asset monitoring  and patrol. With the ability to transmit real-time imagery directly to the users. As an autonomous drone deployment system, DRONEBOX can be operated for many hours, providing users with a peace of mind.


Oil & Gas facilities require frequent inspection and maintenance routines. In order to ensure safety of inspection personnel, DRONEBOX eliminates risks of hard-to-reach areas by automating the inspection process through high-quality data collection.


DRONEBOX provides an eye-in-the sky view of valuable assets by providing high-resolution imagery for analysis. The drone can be fitted with thermal imaging sensors for identifying leaks or cracks for quick inspection runs before commissioning. We provide industrial grade FLIR thermal cameras mounted on our drones for in-depth post inspection analysis.