Remote Infrastructure Inspections

Reduce manpower costs and improve inspection efficiency. Capture aerial imagery and analyse data through your dashboards.

Remote Infrastructure Inspection requires a lot of time, effort, and manpower to ensure proper analysis. Organisations will benefit from DRONEBOXES within proximity of their assets and the ability to perform routine missions. This will allow DRONEBOXES to transmit real-time data to the cloud for processing, and notify engineers as required. Multiple DRONEBOXES can be installed along roads, bridges, pipelines and other remote assets.

24/7 Rapid Response

Increase vigilance and enhance monitoring of valuable assets. Dispatch drones to respond to security alerts. DRONEBOX will react in various emergency situations by equipping first responders to an emergency situation for the rapid deployment of a drone to gain insight on the situation. DRONEBOXES can be installed in chemical storage plants and nuclear power sites to monitor potential blowouts. This will provide faster reaction times during an emergency situation, which could save countless lives.

Border Patrol Systems

Extensive ground monitoring with aerial imagery. Enhance security and asset tracking through DRONEBOX’s autonomous features.


Facilities Management Automation

Expand your reach and capabilities to optimize front-line operations. Automate processes and gain insights into drone imagery.

Drone Delivery Systems

Increase flight time for parcel dispatch and relay. Automate drone route based on airspace, weather, and terrain data.


Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Gain insights into ‘preventive’ scans as critical infrastructure shows signs of stress. Analyze large scale survey data sets in a single dashboard to improve inspection efficiency. It is now possible to inspect critical assets with high precision.