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Designers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, strategists and scientists


Military, Aerospace, Telecom Providers, Defence, Energy Providers, Transport and Security Providers


Singapore, Austin, Paris, Colorado, and Melbourne.


Multiple sensors with 1 data-processing platform

High Tech

H3 Dynamics is a Singaporean industry leader for energy storage,  advanced robotics, field communications, and real-time analytics providing innovative service solutions. Our team consists of HES Energy Systems and HUS Unmanned Systems.


Bootstrapped for the first 3 years. $5 million Series A in May 2015 with ACA Investment.

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Built for IIoT

We built the DRONEBOX solution for the Industrial IoT. As data becomes the core of every industrial application, traditional M2M solutions stayed stuck in silos within organisations. There is a lack of data sharing and analysis amongst teams as well as devices. Our IIoT-focused platform provides a one-size-fits-all solution.

Enterprise that’s fast

H3 Dynamics is powered by our proprietary IoT platform. Data is now vital for processing and prescriptive analytics — H3 Dynamics makes this possible.

Our team

Our team consists of the best designers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, pilots, data experts and scientists in the world. H3 Dynamics bootstrapped out of a garage in Singapore for the first few years. We took our first outside capital in May 2015, closing a $5 million round from ACA Investments to help grow the team globally.