HES Energy Systems Appoints UAV Propulsion Tech as Authorized Representative in the USA

UAV Propulsion Tech Bringing HES Hydrogen Solutions to U.S. Drone Market

Singaporean company HES Energy Systems Pte. Ltd (“ HES”), a subsidiary of H3 Dynamics Group, is pleased to announce its appointment of UAV Propulsion Tech as its authorized representative for the United States of America. Based in Tampa, Florida, UAV Propulsion represents several global brands in the US market. This partnership will ensure a strong commercial presence for HES Energy Systems in America and high-level clients services and support in the region.

HES develops electric UAV battery alternatives based on advanced ultra-light hydrogen fuel cell systems capable of storing 3-4 times more energy than a weight equivalent lithium batteries. Such systems can increase the flight endurance of electric unmanned aircraft by several orders of magnitude.  The company, hired for tailor-made development by leading UAV developers around the world, has a 12+ years old international track record in the field of hydrogen electric drones, and has powered a flight distance record in 2007 for a less than 5kg UAV.

UAV Propulsion Tech will be authorized representative for HES’ standard range of products which include a range of ultralight fuel cell stacks, advanced hydrogen energy storage options, hybrid electronics components, and high pressure accessories.

HES Energy Systems continues its global expansion strategy bringing local expertise and support to its customers that are constantly leading innovation in the field of electric flight.

About HES

HES Energy Systems is a global leader in developing ultralight fuel cells and hydrogen energy storage systems for aerospace and other weight sensitive applications. Hired by tier-one UAV manufacturers, and leading aerospace institutes around the world, the company uses a variety of hydrogen storage approaches, including gaseous compressed, chemical hydrides and reforming. HES was acquired in 2015 by H3 Dynamics Group, which is developing off-grid field robotics and AI-enabled data services.

About UAV Propulsion Tech

UAV Propulsion Tech is a privately held US company that markets global UAV technology into the US UAV market. These solutions include consumer off the shelf (COTs) and custom: propulsion, autopilot, servo/actuator, electric turbofans, pneumatic launchers, gyro-stabilized gimbals, inertial navigation systems, digital magnetic compasses, 3D printed airframes, fuel level/flow sensors, engine sensors and rescue/recovery parachute solutions. These products are proven solutions that are flying on several high end global UAV platforms.

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