Autonomously Operated Drone System

Remote Deployment Area Inspection

Networked Data Communications


The DRONEBOX is the drone’s command center and charges its batteries. This platform provides a secure, and rugged housing for commercial applications in remote areas. The key features and functions of DRONEBOX include:

  • Rugged industrial design for remote locations and adverse weather conditions
  • Optimized for Intel Architecture (X86 compatible)
  • Rapid charging of drones for on-grid and off-grid scheduled flight missions
  • Transfer of aerial imagery, sensor data, telemetry information to our cloud server for processing when the missions end
  • Solar powered or plugged into the grid to enable operation and charging of drones
  • Proprietary software allows multiple DRONEBOXES and drones for self-deployment and landing

End-to-End IIoT Solution

The core of H3D autonomous remote sensing

DRONEBOXES are deployed in far-flung locations around the globe. A powerful network of intelligent computers that share critical information – ensuring continuos data collection and analysis.

Our DRONEBOXES enable autonomous takeoff and landing with rapid contact charging to keep drones ready for action. Drone missions can be scheduled for routine flights to monitor your facilities, or dispatched automatically by alarm events. Data collected will be processed on our proprietary cloud service and served to you upon request.

VCC (Virtual Command Center)

VCC (Virtual Command Center) is an application that allows users to plan drone flight paths to conduct missions. The user will be able to schedule planned missions as well as future missions to capture aerial imagery and stream live video. These data will be streamed to H3D’s cloud server for processing and presented to end users with pre-analysed formats. The VCC application requires minimal human intervention to maintain operational continuity 24 x 7 – making H3D drones the eye-in-the sky.

Virtual Command Center

A mission management application for flight path planning and analysis. Your eye-in-the sky application and DRONEBOX management tool for various remote applications. VCC serves a multitude of industrial needs such as Oil and Gas, Security, Agriculture, and Disaster Recovery. With VCC, you can manage DRONEBOXES in multiple locations through its dashboard console, define flight paths, set schedules, and view camera feeds.

Cloud Ready

DRONEBOX shares and processes aerial imagery and live video feeds on demand to assist users in their decision making process. If an alarm gets triggered on premise, DRONEBOX activates and launches a drone to capture a live video feed of the intruder for rapid security deployment – no more manual manipulation with on-demand analysis.


Image Processing

DRONEBOX performs pre-processing on images before sending data sets to the cloud. This allows users to retrieve pre-analysed aerial imagery on-demand, any time and any where.