HYWINGS is an easy to operate 7kg hydrogen fuel cell powered UAV demonstrator.

The key features and functions of HYWINGS include:

  • Hand-launch: no special launch or recovery infrastructure required
  • Hydrogen powered UAV including choice of 3 basic sensor options
  • Assessment of HES fuel cell technology in real flying conditions
  • Can fly up to 10 hours, and cover a distance of up to 500km
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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Supply

Hybrid LiPo battery 6S
SERIES G:  Up to 6 hours
Hydrogen compressed Gas
Composite Cylinder (EN12245) 3L – 300 Bars
SERIES L:  Up to 10 hours
Hydrogen on-demand chemical cartridge
One time use – Type I or Type II


HYWINGS is a long endurance fixed-wing UAV demonstrator with an easy access design for quick replacement or refilling for subsequent missions.


  • Cruise speed 50 km/h
  • Maximum speed 70 km/h
  • Range up to 500Km
  • TOW 7kg
  • Stable to winds Up to 30 km/h


HYWINGS provides the flexibility to work with three sensor payloads for a wide range of applications. From precision agriculture to high definition video capture, the HYWINGS demonstrator system is optimised for drone image collection and analysis


HYWINGS works with Parrot Sequoia for multispectral imagery of agricultural fields. The USB powered self-calibrated sunshine sensor boasts a 16MPX RGB camera for scouting, and it is able to achieve 1 picture per second photo rate.

Additionally, the 107g sensor uses a PTP standard protocol for communication with the demonstrator.


Imagery is optimized for airborne operations in a wide variety of environments with the FLIR Vue Pro 640:512. The sensor is easy to install and accepts a 5V DC input power and output for analog video.

HYWINGS and FLIR provides thermal measurement and data recording capabilities to your UAV operations. With a MAVLink interface, you are able to automate image capture and geo-tag images for mapping and survey missions.


HYWINGS AND HITACHI provides high definition video at 60 frames per second. With a 30x built-in optical power zoom lens, you can now acquire Full HD (1920×1080 resolution) video for swift tracking of subjects in high resolution.

HITACHI’s Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) reduces the effect of image shake caused by strong winds or UAV vibrations, ensuring stable pictures at high levels of zoom.

2TELEMETRY & Ground Control Station (GCS)

The HYWINGS Ground Control Station (GCS) is a professional individual base station for pilot with system XLRS_D2 integrated. It is prepared for missions short and long distance up to 180km maximum RC. The GCS suitcase is equipped with ergonomic handles, wheels and hinges that are extremely resistant to dust and water.

Content: Led Screens 16”; Systems XPAD2-MINIJOY or XPAD2-RCJOY (TX XLRS 180Km RC, Video RX, GPS, Bluetooth, Mini
Speaker, LCD Display, Search Terminal and Joysticks RC); PSU (Power Unit, Batteries and charger); Storage.