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Dreaming Big

The future of aviation is hydrogen-electric, autonomous, and digital

Solving Key Problems

Taking a long term view and working on the aviation fundamentals

H2 retrofit challenges


credit: zeroavia

Hydrogen is a lightweight energy storage solution enabling long range, zero emission electric flight, but it also needs significantly more space than batteries or kerosene fuel.


Today's existing aircraft didn't account for the volume requirements of hydrogen, meaning today's retrofit initiatives will be a compromise between space for passengers and freight, and hydrogen's full potential.


Our solution

H3 Dynamics solves the problem with a new hydrogen electric flight configuration based on distributed hydrogen electric propulsion pods,

self-contained, and collaborative - opening to new and radically different aircraft designs.

Making it fly

We are already proving our configurations at small scale today 

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-05 at 9.15.45 AM.jpeg

Working our way up

Think Big, Start Small, Start Now


Before flying passengers, hydrogen will fly freight, and before that, hydrogen will fly small parcels, and before that, hydrogen will extend the range of camera drones. This sequence is based on starting small and increasing aircraft weight over time, to de-risk the future.

We believe Hydrogen aviation has its first commercial start in the unmanned world, where it will mature for at least another decade or two before going big.

Because of the long range enabled by hydrogen, introducing such technology means nationwide or regional airspace safety integration is in place. This won't happen without a sufficient volume of drone flights, so we decided to create that volume - by creating our own enterprise AI data services platform. It's an essential starting point, from which everything else can evolve.


Unsatiable demand for data

Working closely with Singapore's Smart Nation program, H3 Dynamics deploys cloud-based A.I. services capable of digitizing complex inspection and maintenance processes. With a starting focus in the real estate eco-system, the platform is expanding to maritime infrastructure, mining, renewable power plants, oil & gas and agriculture.



No more pilots

Exponential growth in digitization is increasing drone activity and starting to meet or exceed pilot capacity.

To fill this gap, H3 Dynamics started bringing to market a fully autonomous charging station for battery drones, capable of deploying thousands of systems anywhere in the world.



10X Flight Duration Increase

From daily mapping activity in large mining  operations, to long pipeline surveys, to aerial logistics - hydrogen transforms the drone industry limited by its batteries.

H3 Dynamics offers a full suite of solutions, from systems specifically designed for UAVs to ready to fly hydrogen drone platforms and refuelling systems.




Zero Emission Aviation

For the same weight, hydrogen holds much more energy  than batteries. However. it  takes way more space.

In 2018 H3 Dynamics patented a distributed hydrogen electric propulsion nacelle system that avoids storing hydrogen in the fuselage, and adds safety through multiple redundancy. 

Infrastructure Solutions

From hydrogen on demand in the field, to hydrogen-ready airport hubs


Local Services & Support

Serving clients in APAC, Americas and EMEA with our 3 regional R&D centers

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