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Welcome to the Future of Flight

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 Zero Carbon, Digital and Autonomous.


H3 Dynamics Supplies Airworthy 0.5 MW Hydrogen
Fuel Cell to AIRBUS Upnext for Aircraft APU Tests

H3 Dynamics (All White).png

H3 Dynamics and Airbus Upnext are working together on new aero-compliant hydrogen fuel cells design and testing - as a zero emissions hydrogen-electric replacement for today's kerosene-powered Auxiliary Power Units (APU).  

The future is hydrogen-electric

H3 Dynamics has an all-encompassing end to end approach to bringing hydrogen to the global aviation sector, from airports to aircraft, from propulsive and non-propulsive power, from manned to unmanned platforms. 

The future is autonomous

By innovating at the nexus of hydrogen, aerospace, robotics and AI, we are shaping a whole new world ahead in defense & security, energy, mining operations, agriculture and smart cities. 

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