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Hydrogen for Airports & Airlines


On-Site H2 Production


Removing the cost of hydrogen logistics and shipping could change the game in the economics around hydrogen applications. Our  modular and scalable PEM electrolyser systems can fuel airport equipment today to prepare for hydrogen aircraft in the future. 

Green H2 for e-SAF  


Efficient H2 electrolysers and low cost green hydrogen are key enablers of cost-competitive SAF, and thus provide a near-term solution for decarbonized flight.

With cost-competitive SAF, airlines will be able to reduce their carbon footprint while ensuring the economics work for everyone.

H2-Electric Airport GSEs


 We are proud to announce the launch of our new generation of airport Ground Support Equipment - powered by zero emission, hydrogen-electric technology.

Our innovative approach to airport equipment is not only environmentally friendly, it provides a cost-effective and efficient way to start hydrogen airport hubs

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