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May 7, 2024

H3 Dynamics Supplies Airworthy 0.5 MW Hydrogen Fuel Cell to Airbus Upnext for Aircraft APU 

H3 Dynamics has been contracted by Airbus UpNext for the supply of a customized airworthy 500 Kilowatt (0.5MW) hydrogen fuel cell as part of a demonstrator to replace the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) on an Airbus aircraft.


H3 Dynamics is now providing a full line up of advanced hydrogen solutions across the aviation value chain: from 50kW to 2MW fuel cell

systems addressing in-flight power and airport ground equipment, to multi-MW-scale on-site hydrogen production systems enabling e-fuel production and the start of hydrogen airport hubs.

H3 Dynamics press release


June 21, 2023

Together, ZAL and H3 Dynamics will explore the acceleration of hydrogen in aviation, including unmanned aviation, decarbonisation of flight and ground operations.Hamburg will be the fourth location for the growing technology company, joining the ranks of Singapore, Toulouse, and Austin (Texas). The collaboration between ZAL and H3 Dynamics began in the Sustainable Aero Lab, a leading accelerator program for sustainable aviation startups founded at ZAL in 2020, where both CEOs serve as startup mentors. 

The signing of the MoU between ZAL and H3 Dynamics in Le Bourget is a significant step in ZAL’s strategy to increase its footprint in sustainable aviation and technology innovation.


January 26, 2023

H3 Dynamics selected as one of 10 companies joining the Hamburg City Accelerator 2023

Dr. Melanie Leonhard, Hamburg's Minister of Economy and Innovation, warmly welcomes H3 Dynamics, emphasizing that Hamburg's unique ecosystem makes it an attractive destination for new enterprises. As a major startup hub, Hamburg is home to numerous global market leaders in various industries, including GreenTech.

Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, Managing Director of Hamburg Invest, commended the Scaleup Landing Pad Hamburg's swift establishment as a valuable offering for startups. He highlights the program's focus on sustainable solutions, reaffirming Hamburg's position as a centre for innovative GreenTech companies in Northern Europe.


January 4, 2023

H3 Dynamics unveils hydrogen station for H2 drones & UAVs

H3 Dynamics is announcing the global launch of H2FIELD, a new hydrogen station capable of producing hydrogen in the field for unmanned aerial vehicles of all shapes, sizes and configurations. 

Now hydrogen-powered airships, multi-rotors, vertical take-off and landing UAS and various fixed wing systems will be able to benefit from 24/7 hydrogen supply anywhere, anytime.

For hydrogen drone operators, H2FIELD solves fundamental hydrogen accessibility in remote areas, unlocking a major logistical barrier for a growing base of hydrogen drone operators in industrial, defense, or even academic sectors. The only feedstock input is water.



March 15, 2022

H3 Dynamics and ELID Technology, have entered a commercial and technical partnership that ties H3 Dynamics’ AI-enabled façade assessments to ELID’s robotic façade repair gondolas. 


The combined technologies create the first end to end automation solution covering both inspection and remediation activities on tall buildings. This increases worker safety, while scaling up much needed maintenance in large-scale cities with aging populations and thousands of aging structures.


December 17, 2021

H3 Dynamics Prepares for Liquid Hydrogen Flight Tests in France

H3 Dynamics is accelerating testing in H2 aviation with the ambition to bring the most advanced and reliable hydrogen systems to the industry - with a strong focus on safety for both cargo and passenger use cases.

Hydrogen Central


November 17, 2021

Huisman advances equipment inspection services with AI powered solution by H3Zoom

The working group between the two companies have created the world's first equipment inspection solution powered by AI. The new service provides a stronger value proposition with improved accuracy, shorter maintenance cycles, and lowered cost for asset owners. 


ISOTeam Announcement.png

October 22, 2021

ISOTeam partners with H3 Dynamics to scale building inspection for public housing

The collaboration unifies and streamlines building inspection processes for HDBs across Singapore with H3 Dynamics providing the technical and AI capabilities to complement ISOTeam's competency in rectification works. Expected volume at 4,000 buildings annually. 


Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 15.46.10.png

February 20, 2021

Scaling our digital services sales via SAP

From inspections to rectification - one interface, and one click... a leap forward in end to end digitization of building maintenance operations and asset oversight across portfolios.



November 17, 2020

H3 Dynamics covered by Forbes

Beyond Smart Cities: How Drones And Robotics Revolutionize Building Inspections.



June, 2019

1st Inspections completed in Sao Paolo, Brazil!

The first building inspections in Brazil using H3  Zoom's Façade Inspector solution completed in April by local engineering specialist and professional drone services company from Sao Paulo. Each building generated more than 1400 pages of defects, as well as an interactive report with the mapping of the defects.

Our solution is now available in Brazilian Portuguese language.

Power Technology


November 28, 2023

H3 Dynamics awarded at the Monaco prize for Renewable Hydrogen and Transportation.

The Monaco Prize for Innovation in Renewable Hydrogen and Transportation is a prestigious international challenge designed to accelerate technological innovation in the field of renewable hydrogen and mobility. Each year the Prize recognizes outstanding technological innovations in the field of Sustainable Hydrogen with one overall winner and three runners-up distinguished as Hydrogen Pioneers. H3 Dynamics was selected as 2023 finalist for his distributed hydrogen electric propulsion pods.


June 20, 2023

H3 Dynamics to integrate efficient motors from Kite Magnetics for hydrogen-electric propulsion in zero carbon flight

Earlier this year, Kite Magnetics unveiled its air-cooled 120kW electric motor. Based on a unique new magnetic material called Aeroperm™. This state-of-the-art motor exhibits world-class performance, exceptional lightweight characteristics, and surpasses the efficiency of conventional technologies.

In the upcoming months, H3 Dynamics and Kite Magnetics plan to assemble a full scale system and conduct dedicated aeronautics tests in collaboration with aircraft manufacturers. These efforts will pave the way for obtaining flight permissions and enable the commercialisation of their groundbreaking technology.

The propulsor nacelles and derived products developed through this collaboration have diverse applications, ranging from small sensing drones to unmanned heavy cargo platforms, airships, business jets, general aviation airplanes, and future commercial aircraft.


January 26, 2023

Raven SR and H3 Dynamics to Partner on Waste-to-Hydrogen Supply for Aviation Operations

“Raven SR provides a way to convert a variety of waste feedstocks into clean hydrogen, with a process that uses less energy than other renewable hydrogen production. Raven SR’s advanced waste-to-hydrogen technology offers a less intensive, more sustainable means of locally producing fuel,” said Taras Wankewycz, CEO of H3 Dynamics.

H3 Dynamics will work with its technology and manufacturing partners to configure hydrogen power systems componentry to meet certification requirements within the airport and aircraft environment.
“H3 Dynamics will deploy decarbonization use cases that have a more immediate impact, so that the infrastructure built today can also welcome hydrogen aircraft in the future,” said Wankewycz.


December 27, 2022

H3 Dynamics Adds Hydrogen-Electric Propulsion to HyLight Airships Built in France

H3 Dynamics and HyLight have joined forces to bring new long range, sustainable and quiet unmanned airships to a range of commercial applications. Traditionally, airships use combustion engines for their propulsion power.With new hydrogen propulsion system developments at H3 Dynamics, HyLight’s new breed of airships will now offer long-range zero emission flight and open a whole new category in air mobility. 


March 3, 2022

H3 Dynamics joins Unreasonable in Partnership with Barclays

H3 Dynamics joins the 2022 Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe cohort of high-growth entrepreneurs addressing the world's most significant challenges

  • Barclays and Unreasonable continue to support and scale high-growth ventures who have the potential to create thousands of new jobs.

  • Unreasonable Impact welcomes 14 new companies to its global network.

Plug and Play.png

December 14, 2021

H3 Dynamics Selected in Plug and Play Japan Accelerator 

Known to have been early investors in Google, PayPal, and Dropbox, Plug and Play Center has been the leading global accelerator program which now includes H3 Dynamics in its alumnus.

Plug and Play Japan

CNA Mention H3Zoom.png

November 04, 2021

CNA Feature: H3 Dynamics forecasts a rise in demand for Building Inspection services

H3 Zoom by H3 Dynamics has seen a doubling of smart AI enabled building inspection enquiries over the past year and projects a similar trend in 2022 with the announcement of the PFI regime by BCA.

Channel NewsAsia Singapore

DBX red_edited_edited.jpg

October 15, 2021

H3 Dynamics launches DBX-G7 Drone Automation Station.

H3 Dynamics Targets Automation of the Global Drone Services Industry. Agnostic to drone hardware & software, DBX opens to aerial analytics from around the world. DBX is the first real step towards larger UAM vertiports of the future

H3 Dynamics


February 11, 2021

Paris Air Mobility Hub selects H3 Dynamics!

Groupe ADP and Choose Paris Region are creating an urban air mobility (UAM) ecosystem around the Paris region. After receiving 150 applications from 25 countries. 30 winners were then selected one of which is H3 Dynamics, along with Airbus, Safran, Volocopter, to name a few.

Groupe ADP

JTC CNA Roll out.png

December 25, 2019

Drones can inspect the facade of buildings, but it's not always easy to spot what's amiss. Singapore government industrial developer JTC Corporation rolled out a new AI system at its properties, halving its manpower cost in trials since 2016. 

The groundbreaking digitised safety inspection solution is the first of many to be added to the company's H3 Zoom cloud platform. 


May 24, 2019

H3D Takes #1 Prize at Echelon 2019 "Top 100 APAC" 

Over a period of 6 months, Singapore-based H3 Dynamics started as part of a cohort of 600 companies across Asia, all the way to Kazakhstan and India. During the first selections we made it to Top 100 in March, then top 10, and finally to #1 on May 24 2019. It was an amazing experience and win for H3 Dynamics. Congratulations to all other finalists!



November 15, 2023

H3 Dynamics wins 2023 Plastic Omnium Innovation Challenge

Félicie Burelle, Managing Director of Plastic Omnium, has announced the winners of the 2023 Plastic Omnium Innovation Challenge at the annual ceremony held on November 14. The Plastic Omnium Innovation Challenge focuses on the future of energy to support the transformation of tomorrow's mobility. H3 Dynamics in collaboration with EDAG Group (Airport Hydrogenius project) win the Jury Special Award and Audience Award

EDAG Group Linkedin


June 19, 2023

Partnership to Launch Hydrogen-Electric Cargo UAS, able to carry 100kg  over long distances

“H3 Dynamics has partnered with EOS Technologie, a French manufacturer of electric fixed-wing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), to introduce two new hydrogen-electric cargo UAS platforms.

The partnership between EOS and H3 brings green innovation into the aerial cargo landscape. 

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey of sustainable aerial mobility with H3 Dynamics,” said Jean-Marc Zuliani, EOS Managing Director. “Together, we unlock unprecedented possibilities for efficient and eco-friendly cargo transportation.”

Bertrand Gauthier, H3 Dynamics Global Head of Hydrogen Aviation Products, added: “By delivering cutting-edge solutions for the current and future demands of aerial logistics, they actively contribute to a holistic transition towards a more environmentally friendly future.”


January 17, 2023

H3 Dynamics Boosts H2 Flights by 3X by Moving to Liquid H2 in New Partnership with Hylium

 H3 Dynamics and Hylium have joined forces to further boost the performance of zero emission hydrogen-electric flight, combining the strengths of Hylium’s liquid hydrogen storage and liquification solutions, and H3 Dynamics’ distributed hydrogen-electric propulsion nacelles, ultra-light fuel cells, and hydrogen drone charging stations.


Moving to liquid hydrogen represents a significant capability leap for small electric-powered unmanned systems. Cryogenic (liquid) hydrogen stores 3 times more energy as compressed gas in the same given volume. This means delivery drones will be able to fly further, mapping and ISR missions could be done on much bigger scales. 


March 15, 2022

H3 Dynamics and Universal Hydrogen join forces on aviation

“New industries are seldom built by one individual or one company,” said Taras Wankewycz, founder and CEO of H3 Dynamics. “They require coalitions and ultimately entire ecosystems.” Today, 

The two leaders of the nascent world of hydrogen aviation Universal Hydrogen Co. and H3 Dynamics will join forces in several key segments to provide an end-to-end solution for hydrogen-powered flight.


February 8, 2022

Launch of fully autonomous solar farm inspections using DBX

H3 Dynamics is announcing a new Robots-as-a-service solution for autonomous solar farm monitoring in partnership with Sitemark, a specialist AI-analytics company from Belgium.

The new partnership combines DBX from H3 Dynamics with visual & thermal analytics from Sitemark to automate and scale up remote monitoring operations in large solar farm installations. 

Nexty Electronics Partnership AEROSTAK.jpeg

December 07, 2021

H3 Dynamics-Powered H2 Drone, Now Certified in Japan

A step towards de-carbonisation starts with a H2 powered drone in collaboration with Nexty Electronics in Japan. The landmark flight positions H2 energy as "game changing" to accelerate Japan towards their net-zero carbon goals.

Hydrogen Central

C&W Services + H3 Dynamics virtual-wallpaper-2.jpg

October 25, 2021

C&W Services Singapore and H3 Dynamics provides one-stop Building Inspection service

The partnership leverages on drone and data analytics to accelerate digital transformation initiatives of building owners, and facilities management companies to meet the latest Periodic Facade Inspection (PFI) regime as stipulated by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore.

C&W Services Singapore

SeriesB pic.png

October 15, 2021

H3 Dynamics completes $26M Series B Financing

The company has raised $26M in a series B fundraising led by SPARX Mirai Creation Fund (Toyota and SMBC), including Ascent Hydrogen Fund, Audacy Ventures, and Grosvenor Group among others.



January 28, 2021


Companies enter drone automation age with real time tracking for seamless traffic control in low-altitude airspace.



November 13, 2019

AVAYA & H3D join forces in Middle East

Using Avaya IX Workplace, a powerful unified communications solution for calling, messaging, conferencing and collaboration, H3 Dynamics’ drone stations can feed live aerial drone video footage from different locations to decision makers in command centres. 

The combination of both companies’ technologies will help government agencies and emergency responders to react to incidents faster and more efficiently. The Dronebox system is currently being tested on a number of use cases by government authorities around the Middle East and Africa region.

CXO Insights


May, 2017

President Macron Welcomes
H3 Dynamics

H3 Dynamics met with French President Emmanuel Macron at our first VIVATECH event in Paris, where we announced the start of our European HQ. Emmanuel Macron was the first to see our DBX prototype at the time. We made it to the cover of Les Echos, and FT the next day!

Financial Times

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